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Iris AO, Inc. manufactures small scale, microelectromechanical (MEMS) based adaptive optics (AO) systems that offer radical advantages in cost, size, power consumption, durability and flexibility. Iris AO systems make AO practical for a host of new applications, including retinal and biomedical imaging, portable laser communications and horizontal imaging.

Our manufacturing process is designed from the outset to enable large stroke, low cost, small size and scalability to meet the demands of imaging applications. In addition to the deformable mirror technology, Iris AO manufactures calibrated high-voltage high-channel-count drive electronics, AO controllers, and AO development systems. Factory calibration makes Iris AO's systems easy to operate and ready to use out of the box, dramatically reducing development time.

Latest News

Iris AO expands its sales force in the US with the addition of HMS Technology Sales. Harry Skolnik, principal of HMS Technologies, adds 15 years of experience in wavefront sensing for lasers and optical systems. We are proud to add Mr. Skolnik to our dedicated team of engineers and sales force to sell our world class MEMS deformable mirrors and adaptive optics systems. Please contact Mr. Skolnik or Iris AO for any questions or price requests.
SPIE Photonics West 2014 Exhibition Feb. 4-6: Come see Iris AO high performance MEMS deformable mirrors in action in booth #6062 in the North Hall.
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