Smart Driver II - 512

Technical Specifications

  • 19” 2U rack mount aluminum chassis
  • 200V maximum output voltage
  • 5 kHz minimum small-signal frequency response
  • Low noise, 14-bit resolution
  • USB interface 140 Hz update rates
  • C/C++ interface libraries
    • Compatible with LabVIEW and other data acquisition tools
  • Matlab™ compatible functions
    • Libraries are compatible with LabVIEW and other data acquisition tools

Configuration Options

  • Channels: 128-512 in 64-channel increments
  • PCI/PCIe interface supports >10 kHz update rates

Please call us at (510) 849-2375 or simply e-mail us to discuss any additional inquiries or customization needs.

Product Overview

The Smart Driver II - 512 packs up to 512 channels of 200 V low noise electronics into a convenient 19” rack mount chassis. The Smart Driver II - 512 comes as the standard driver for the PTT489 deformable mirror.

These 14-bit resolution electronics were designed for stringent NASA applications requiring low power and low noise drivers for MEMS deformable mirror arrays. An optional high-speed interface enables >10 kHz update rates on all channels. They can also be purchased separately for driving other MEMS devices. The design is modular, so anywhere from 128 - 512 channels can be accommodated to suit your needs.

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