Adaptive Optics Engine

Technical Specifications

  • Deformable Mirror: 111 actuator, 5 µm stroke
  • Wavefront Sensor: Shack Hartmann matched 1:1 to DM
  • Camera Sample Rate: 60 Hz
  • Camera Dynamic Range: 10 bit
  • Wavefront Resolution: < 15 nm rms
  • Wavefront Dynamic range: ± 14 mrad
  • AO Controller: Zernike-based modal controller
  • User Interface: AO Engine Workbench GUI
  • C/C++ libraries for custom applications and development

System Contents

  • PTT111-5 DM system, 5 µm stroke, 111-actuator DM and electronics
  • Shack-Hartmann wave-front sensor
  • Control computer
  • AO Engine Workbench GUI
  • AO Engine console application

System Options

  • Development Kit: AO Engine complete with breadboard and optics
  • 7 µm stroke DM
  • PTT489: 489 actuator DM

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Product Overview

The AO Engine is a high-performance adaptive-optics control system designed to integrate into your optical systems. This turnkey solution provides all of the functionality needed to bring AO to your optical system. Our robust modal-based controller has been demonstrated in many diverse applications ranging from retinal imaging to laser-beam correction. The intuitive workbench graphical user interface is easy to learn and provides powerful realtime feedback to monitor the adaptive optic systems operation.

Science Grade Components

The AO Engine comes equipped with high-performance components suitable even in low-light level applications such as AO retinal imaging at up to 60 Hz sample rates. The robust controller handles variations in pupil sizes and wavefront-sensor spot drop outs smoothly.

Proven Performance

The AO Engine has been an invaluable tool for leading vision science researchers and as a hands-on laboratory demonstration system for optics educators for years. Let Iris AO provide an AO solution for your imaging, microscopy, academic, or industrial needs.

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